a writing and architecture workshop

The workshop

The writingisbuilding workshop took place from the 16th-29th July as part of EASA 2012 (European Architecture Students Assembly). This year all EASA workshops were organised  under the theme of Wastelands. During the two week period the writingisbuilding workshop aimed to give participants the opportunity to explore their own architectural concerns through the medium of language. For more information regarding the ideas behind the workshop please see the About section of this blog. Meanwhile for more on EASA 2012 and Wastelands, visit http://www.wastelands.fi

11 students took part, working together and individually on a number of projects exploring the potential of language in describing and understanding architectural space. Participants were first asked to find a space in the city for reading. The texts given were those previously mentioned here in previous posts. The purpose of the exercise was to make students aware of the important of space in not only providing the content of the text but also in affecting the perception of reading. Similarly, participants then returned to this spaces with the goal of writing in mind; too often the act of writing is not considered as a spatial action. Students took a broad range of approaches, some describing the place in exhaustive detail, others communicating their thoughts and emotions which the space provoked, and a few allowing their minds to wander towards memories of previous environments.

Following these introductory exercises, participants were encouraged to pursue individual projects. These projects vary from purely literary texts, to cinematic essays, to typographic installations based in the city streetscape. Rather than attempt to (unsuccessfully) describe this work here, those interested are asked to view our book. This book has been produced with the intention of documenting and collating the students work. It has been designed, printed and bound by the participants and is the final undertaking in the exploration of the potential for language and architecture.


A digital version of the book may be viewed here: http://issuu.com/writingisbuilding/docs/writingisbuilding_book





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