a writing and architecture workshop

The movies

This a rather belated and final workshop-related post.

As part of the Writing is Building workshop, three films were made by participants. Each chose to deal with the theme of wastelands through documenting the routines and rhythms that define our understanding of “wasted” space. In this regard also, participants exploited the nature of the cinematic medium.

Wastetime focuses on the act of waiting. Space alone does not constitute a wasteland but our conception of such is equally dependent on the actions that take place there. The passage of time is a key factor in redefining the idea of “wasted” space.

The Rhythm of the Wasteland captures the life that occurs on the vast plains of Suvilahti. Despite being considered a place of spatial desolation this former industrial part of Helsinki experiences its own routines and rhythms. Not a left-over space, only rarely understood.

Spaces Between is concerned with the overlooked and inbetween spaces that occupy our cities. Often we are not even consciously aware of them yet these spaces appear throughout the urban fabric. In transport, retail and civic architecture, these are the forgotten rooms of our daily existence.

To view these videos please use the link provided here: http://vimeo.com/search?q=writingisbuilding


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